Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hawaiian Style Sea Bass in Foil Packets

I don't remember ever having eaten Chilean Sea Bass. I've always known it as a no-no fish. So when I saw it at Whole Foods a while back with a sustainable choice stamp on the tag, my curiosity was sparked. click here for more info.

One thing I had always heard was how amazing it tasted...I guess that's why it was over-fished to begin with!

So, tonight being a wonderfully warm Santa Cruz night, Lissa tugged at a dinner involving BBQ'd pineapple. Might as well cook everything on the Q while we're at it.

Hmm. Chilean Sea Bass. Pineapple. I do believe we're going to the Pacific Islands this evening.

First I made the sauce for the Sea Bass. I mixed some minced ginger, chopped garlic, chopped red onion, kosher salt, pepper, soy sauce, a tablespoon of ginger pepper jelly (or substitute a tablespoon brown sugar and a minced jalapeño), and chopped cilantro. I put the fish on two layers of foil, poured the sauce over, and sealed it up.

For the potatoes, I sliced the potatoes every 1/4 inch, without cutting all the way to the bottom, so they fan out. Then I sprinkled kosher sea salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and olive oil over them, and wrapped them in foil as well.

O.K. then, everybody to the barbie! Potatoes wrapped in foil on first...I could have even thrown them on the coals! Sea Bass in foil packets as well, cook for 1o minutes or so. Pineapple straight on the grill to get marked and warm. We also made a light green salad with avocado for some rawness, and enjoyed a delicious bottle of fresh, juicy, gooseberry-y, Torrontés.


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